Born November the 3rd, 1971 in Nice.

My profession : artist author composer.

My passion : the guitar & bass, particularly Rock or RnB which is my favorite music.

I also like fusion, classical music, jazz and many others.

So I am very eclectic, put rock & soul music for me natural, it makes integral part of my life, with other musics.

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My Story

Diluli started in music at the age of 20, he auditioned for a group Blue Note and started the job. Subsequently, he became a session guitarist and recorded for various artists


Beatmaker. He mixes beat-making and guitar: it's his signature.

He teaches guitar and becomes a renowned teacher in the PACA region, for his lessons and his books, he is also a multi-instrumentalist.


For more than three years , he suffers from tinnitus, it is no longer possible for him to teach his instrument, very productive in creation, he produces, composes, arranges, mixes his musical works, which are found everywhere in the world.

He lives from his compositions and his transcriptions that he sells on the Internet as an artist author composer, it is his only activity at the moment & PLAY BASS. His favorite music : ROCK, RnB & NEO SOUL.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.